Organic vegetable cheeses based on almond milk. We grow and transform the almond in circular supply chain in the Alta Murgia National Park in Puglia, South Italy. The selection includes vegetable cheese, ricotta cheese, butter, mayonnaise, dessert and ready meals. It is the story of the almond, a unique story born from the land and from the courage Mandorella gave to the world, along with Burrella the original almond butter, Mandonese, the Gourmet line and the first almond burger. A story built stone by stone, like the dry stone walls built around our small agricultural community. A story built day by day, made genuine by our circular supply chain of the Toritto almond, from the biodiversity of the territory and our tradition. Enhance the almond, one of the symbols par excellence of Toritto, and offer an innovative and tasty product to the consumer. Following these guidelines, Fattoria della Mandorla has created its range of vegetable cheeses based on almond milk. A gift to the planet, thanks to the very low environmental impact of the vegetable proteins, but also a gift to those who are Earth’s host, that is, man. Mandorella and all the products of the range are light, but also tasty, captivating and suitable to every kind of prep and course, from appetizers to dessert.


The first line of products based on almond milk on the market


A products line naturally free from gluten, suitable for people with coeliac disease


A vegetable alternative to soy based products


Vegetable cheeses based on almond milk are free from lactose


From a small farm, “La fattoria della mandorla” has become over the years a solid reality, a complete supply chain capable of innovating and surprising both for necessity and for the constant desire to offer high quality products to consumers. In the Alta Murgia National Park, therefore, every day operates a reality that has set itself the goal of being the alternative to traditional breeding supply chains, respecting the environment and aiming to establish itself over time in the biodynamic production sector.